World of Nyrod

The Gods as of 1300 CY

                                                 Gods of NyrodSpace:

Anjou - Goddess of Nature

Anjou is a consort to Storm Hawk, the primal spirit that protects planets from primordials and deities. One of her exarchs is the hero Megan Swiftblade.

Anjou wields a major artifact - The Arrow of Fate. An ancient shard of the fallen dragon god Io’s physical form, the Arrow of Fate is a powerful weapon against the primordials and their servants. As a fragment of a greater god, the artifact is equally effective against the divine, for what better to harm a god with than a piece of another? The Arrow, created from the essence of the one that gave rise to them, also holds great power over the children of Io.

She appears either in the form she had when she was mortal (albeit a little cloudy around the edges), or as a  condor surrounded by lightning.  Occasionally, she can appear as a large or huge storm bear clad in armor. She can also appear in a completely discorporated form, appearing as simply a storm.

Followers of Anjou like to carry spears (or staves/totems, etc. that look like spears or bolts of lightning).  Their consecrated grounds are open mountain peaks and cliffs, or tall buildings, where they construct shrines dedicated to her. These can be as complicated as full statues of one or more of her forms, or as simple as a spear stabbed into the ground in a place where it will attract lightning. She is not a delicate deity, and therefore representations of her tend to be practical and solid-looking. Some statues, totems and icons of her are very abstract, like clouds with a line (spear) through them, or a roughly bear-shaped statue adorned with feathers.

Anjou is similar in temperament to Storm Hawk, but Storm Hawk's primary motivation is to keep major extraplanar entities out of the world- like gods and primordials.  Anjou is more concerned with fighting off the tides of minor incursions into the prime material- like the Githyanki were, at first.  Also, still bearing the Whitefire Mark, and having visited every other plane, she is perfectly willing to leave the prime material to seek out threats and stifle them before they can come to the prime material.

She suggests her followers defend the freedom, culture, rights and safety of all creatures, regardless of alignment, provided they are not a danger to other creatures and cultures.  However, those who infringe on the safety and sanctity of other peoples or cultures are subject to her full wrath. She respects strength and self-reliance, and placing oneself between danger and those who need protecting, even at great persona risk.  Her followers are especially recommended to destroy Far Realm entities, and to show bravery when facing imbalanced odds.

Clarissa - Goddess of Fire & Battle
She rides a manticore with flaming wings, and has a kinship with orcs.

Galasis - Prime God of Magic
He has 5 green dragons, all spawn of Tiamat. He also has a magic amulet which contains the soul of Lolth, former goddess of the drow. When Ioun was slain by Zev and his shadow pantheon, Galasis absorbed her soul-residuum and took her place as Prime God of Magic.

Io - Prime God of Dragons
As a mortal, Io was Reshkar the dragonborn. He used Anjou's Arrow of Fate to recombine Tiamat and Bahamut with his body as the vessel. In the form of Reshkar, he rules the world of Dracos.

Kava Frosthowl - Goddess of Ice and Strength
Kava is a patron of dragonborn and dwarves. She is a legendary warrior who killed Orcus almost single-handedly. She wears the corpse of Zev's imp Duskeater on a necklace, and Duskeater's soul is tattooed on her skin.

Mari - Goddess of Luck
She owns a casino in the astral sea, sometimes visited by Elminster. Mari has a number of consorts, including Valinor, the former goddess of healing of Nyrod.

Storm - God of War
Storm spent some time in the Blood War. He fought for the devils for a time, then jumped to the side of the demons. He was involved in the war merely to satiate his need for war.

Storm has five dragons, all children of Tiamat. They each have a hybrid form. They can become shifters with draconic claws and feet. Their fur is the color of their scales. Each has a "role", as if they were in an army. They can switch between forms as a minor action.

Nightstorm - Female Black Dragon Assassin/spy, obsessed with death. Quiet, deadly.
Thunderscale - Female Blue Dragon Artillery, Lawful, eats snakes, lizards, desert plants, very good tracker
General Gale - Female Green Dragon General, political/master of intrigue, likes elf flesh, wants to live forever Is in charge of the other dragons
Firefall - Red Dragon Soldier, Vain, leader, loves treasure, eats meat/people (maidens taste better)
Dracochill - White Dragon Guardian, very good memory, swift and alert He is like Storm's bodyguard, protector of Storm's stuff, etc.

Zev - God of Night
Zev is an evil lich-god whose goal is to extinguish all suns and to rule everything. He has amassed an army of undead gods, demon lords and primordials that do his bidding. They are known as the Shadow Pantheon:

Piranoth - The three-faced primordial from Revenge of the Giants
Timesius - The stone primordial raised by Orcus in the Orcus Path
Aoskar - The dead god of portals from the Sigil adventures in ROTG
Shar - The Forgotten Realms goddess, who Zev killed with the shard of evil
Orcus - Wielding the Orcusword

                                                         Prime Gods:

These three were unique creations and have played major roles in nyrod campaigns

Marra - Goddess of Good
Garn - God of Elemental Fire
Fra - Love and Healing
Io & Galasis are also Prime Gods. I detailed them above as they are "local" gods as well, but they do in fact have influence in all spheres.

These are the "official" prime gods. The Raven Queen in particular has played a major role in Nyrodspace events.

Avandra (Goddess of Travel), Bane (Evil God of War), Corellon (god of Elves), Erathis (Goddess of Civilization), Garl Glittergold (God of Gnomes), Gruumsh (God of Orcs), Kord (God of Storms), Melora (Goddess of the Sea), Moradin (God of Dwarves), Pelor (God of the Sun), Raven Queen (Goddess of Death), Sehanine (Goddess of the Moon), Tharizdun (The Chained God), Torog (God of the Underdark), Zehir (God of Poison and Yuan-Ti).

The Divine History of the Sphere

Legend has it that Nyrodspace was either created or discovered and heavily altered by Zagyg the Mad - an insane deity from the world of Oerth in the sphere of Greyspace. Zagyg had used a device known as a God-Trap in Castle Greyhawk to imprison various deities and steal their power to use as he liked.

Zagyg traveled through time and the phlogiston, experimenting with his powers. He created worlds, including the prime world of Nyrod. When he became bored, he created demi-gods which he referred to as his children. Their task was to protect his creation. These were the Old Gods. they were:

(LG) Aura - Goddess of Good
(CG) Elinaya - Goddess of Heroes
(NG) Wyrner Valth - God of Magic
(TN) Gyogi the Wise
(CN) The Unfathomable One
(NE) Xauldar - God of Greed
(CE) Pollidemia the Wicked, the Demon Queen
(LE) _________

These gods ruled until -1456 CY. The Volesian Empire, which was housed in a crystal sphere close to Nyrodspace, attempted to add Nyrodspace to its' empire. The Volesian dieties aided in the assault. The Gods of Nyrodspace banded together, expending almost all of their power to turn the Volesian Empire's crystal sphere, Volespace, to stone. 

But doing so drained the gods of their power. All that was left of the old gods were specially-crafted stone idols that floated in Nyrodspace, housing the essence of each of the gods. Over time, the idols would be able to siphon and collect power to help the old gods be re-born. Wyrner Valth did not use a stone idol - he used a magic tome called The Book of Eldritch Might, an artifact that eventually would become so dangerous that it was placed on a magically protected continent on the world of Nyrod.

The return of the Old Gods, however, would not happen for over 1,000 years. Outsider gods moved in and staked their claim on the populace. These gods included:

(NE) Tyaa (goddess of birds and thieves)
(LE) Lolth the Spider Queen
LE) Set, God of Evil
(LE) Falazure God of Death
(LE) Arawn God of evil beasts
(NE) The Red Gods (a band of undead that roamed the streets of Nyrod's cities, claiming souls)
(NE) The Star Dragon (an ancient, moon-sized dragon that may have inhabited Nyrodspace before Zagyg even appeared there)
(CG) Sif (Sif is the goddess of excellence,skill, justice and the arbiter of divine disputes, as well as being a superb warrior-woman... When I created Sif, I based her on the norse goddess and she also filled the role of Forseti, the norse god of justice from the 2nd edition Legends and Lore book. Fun fact about Sif:  Any being hit by Sif’s avatar must save versus paralyzation or be incapacitated)

During these dark times, the evil gods fought over territory while the people of Nyrodspace suffered miserably. Sif alone was a beacon of hope. 

This era lasted from -1456 CY to 0 CY. It ended when a band of heroes decided to drive off the outsider gods. Among them was a cleric of Sif, Khalerius. Sif became a patron of the heroes when their drow companion, Thennrynnia, died in an arena battle. Khalerius called upon Sif to aid the fallen drow. She sent a bolt from the heavens that resurrected Thenrynnia. Sif had fallen in love with Khalerius, and guided the heroes toward artifacts that would allow them to slay the evil gods: Whelm, Wave, and Blackrazor.

The heroes killed Tyaa and the Red Gods, and drove off Lolth. Lolth swore revenge - a scheme that is still unfolding to this day. The heroes became the new gods of Nyrodspace. Sif left Nyrodspace, none save Khalerius knew exactly why. As of 0 CY, the pantheon looked like this:

LG Kaylin - God of Good
CG Valinor - Goddess of Healing
NG Radu - God of Magic
NG Pathsearcher - God of Nature
CN Nimuai - God of Chaos
TN Khalerius - God of Balance
NG Rundorig - God of Dwarves
LE Arawn - God of Evil Beasts
LE Set - God of Evil (The only God of this pantheon with influence in many universes)

Over time, some of the gods died and others rose to join their ranks. The current year is 10XX CY (depends on the campaign...), and the updated pantheon is at the top of this page.

In around 1000 CY, the Gods decided to move on. To their great shame, they knew many of the worlds of Nyrod were in fact eggs of the Star Dragon, destined to hatch and kill minions. Due to pacts with various entities, the gods were unable to affect the hatchlings or transport the people off the worlds. 

They headed out into the phlogiston to build one new, perfect. New heroes rose to take their place as the gods and spirits to govern the crystal sphere of Nyrodspace (listed above).

The Gods (4e Version)


The remains of Rundorig, dead god of the dwarves, floats in the Astral Sea

Gods of Law
LG Kaylin
- God of Good (Is away building a new universe)
E Set - God of Evil (The only God of this pantheon with influence in many universes)

Gods of Chaos
G Valinor
- Goddess of Healing (Is away building a new universe)
CE Pollidemia - Goddess of the Undead

Gods of The Balance
Unaligned Khalerius - God of Balance
Unaligned Pathsearcher - God of Nature (Is away building a new universe)

Gods of Necessity
Unaligned Uta Khan
- God of Rage
Unaligned Glydon Kaledon - God of War
E Faluzure - God of Death and Shadows
Unaligned Radu - God of Magic (Is away building a new universe)

The Caretaker Gods (These gods are watching over the worlds)
Unaligned Garn - God of Elemental Fire
LG Marra - Goddess of Good throughout the realms
G Lupus - God of Wolves (son of Marra)

Demi-Gods (Minor influence, these gods come and go)
CE The Star Dragon - A moon-sized dragon that breathes clouds of death
E Gyrn - God of the Selig                                                                                           Unaligned Kutorie The Pale One - God of Outcasts

Dead Gods (Massive stone statues floating in the Astral Plane):
Rundorig God of Dwarves - Died due to follower abandonment
Arawn God of Evil - Killed by Cyrus the Golden-Hearted                                                   
Ravana God of Ravens - Killed by Cyrus the Golden-Hearted

* The major rule of existence is that the Gods are only as powerful as the belief in them is strong.

                                    The Gods (3e Version)


Nyrod is governed by a main pantheon of 10 dieties. It should be noted that aside from Set, the Gods of Nyrod are much weaker than those of other realms. They're still incredibly powerful, but far from omniscient. 

LG Kaylin - God of Good
CG Valinor - Goddess of Healing
NG Radu - God of Magic
NG Pathsearcher - God of Nature
CN Nimuai - God of Chaos
TN Khalerius - God of Balance
NE Uta Khan - God of Rage
NE Glydon Kaledon - God of War
CE Pollidemia - Goddess of the Undead
LE Set - God of Evil (The only God of this pantheon with influence in many universes)

Dead Gods (Massive stone statues floating in the Astral Plane):

?? Rundorig God of Dwarves - Died due to follower abandonment
LE Arawn God of Evil - Killed by Cyrus the Golden-Hearted                                              LE Lo Goddess of Wamphyri - Killed by a magic device that destroyed all wamphyri       CE Ravana God of Ravens - Killed by Cyrus the Golden-Hearted

Demi-Gods (Minor influence, these gods come and go)

NE The Star Dragon - A moon-sized dragon that breathes clouds of death
NE Gyrn - God of the Selig                                                                                               NG Kutorie The Pale One - God of Outcasts

Other Outsider Gods of Note:

NG Garn - God of Elemental Fire
LG Marra - Goddess of Good throughout the realms
CG Lupus God of Wolves (son of Marra)

* The major rule of existence in Nyrodspace is that the Gods are only as powerful as their following. Thus, Gyrn is worhipped by a few thousand Selig and is only slightly more powerful than mortals.